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Math Undergraduate Receives NSF Research Fellowship


Math undergraduate Tony Allen awarded NSF Summer Fellowship. Please congratulate him. Great work Tony!

Fatma Mohamed Defense


On Some Parabolic Type Problems from Thin Film Theory and Chemical Reaction-Diffusion Networks

Abstract: In the first part of this dissertation we study the evolution of a thin film of fluid modeled by the lubrication approximation for thin viscous films. We prove

Mushtaq Abd Al-Rahem Defense


A Multidimensional Technique for Measuring Consensus Within Groups via Conditional Probability

Abstract: A recent increase in the use of the term “consensus” in various fields has led researchers to develop various ways to measure the consensus within and across groups


Hung Tran


Some selection problems in the theory of viscosity solutions

Abstract:   I will explain some interesting selection problems in nonlinear PDEs. The basic question is about how to select one good solution out of many reasonable ones. A question of this type led to the

David Offner


Polychromatic Colorings on Hypercubes, Complete Graphs, and Integers

Abstract:  Given a set S, and a set T of subsets of S, a coloring of the elements of S is called T -polychromatic if every set in T contains an element of every color. Let polyT (S) be the largest n

Juan Pablo Mejia-Ramos


Developing valid and reliable measures to assess students' comprehension of the proofs that they read

Abstract:  In this talk I will focus on the assessment of undergraduate students' reading comprehension of mathematical proofs, discussing a research program aimed at