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Gary Seldomridge Retires


He received his Ph.D in 1992 from WVU and spent 40+ years working tirelessly to educate students.

Deshler Named Big 12 Fellow


Jessica Deshler, associate professor of mathematics, has been awarded a research grant from the Office of the Provost as part of the 2016-2017 Big 12 Faculty Fellowship Program.

The program offers faculty members at institutions in the Big 12 Conference the

Renee Larue Defense


An Analysis of Student Approaches to Solving Optimization Problems in First Semester Calculus

The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate how students think about and understand optimization problems in first semester calculus. To solve an optimization problem,


Professor Zhi-Hong Chen


Cycles of claw-free graphs and Catlin's reduction method

In the study of cycles of claw-free graphs,
Ryj\'{a}\u{c}ek developed a very nice closure concept: For a connected claw-free graph $H$, there is a $K_3$-free graph $G$ such that its closure $cl(H)=L(G)$

Professor Hao Li


On the g-extra connectivity of $3$-ary $n$-cube networks

Let $G$ be a connected graph and let $F$ be a set of vertices.
The $g$-extra connectivity of $G$ is the cardinality of a minimum set
$F$ such that $G-F$ is disconnected and each component of $G-F$ has

Professor Xiao-Dong Zhang


Some Extremal Graph Results with Degree Sequences

As it is said in the book \Extremal Graph Theory" by Bollobas, in extremal graph theory one is interested in the relations between the various graph variants, such as order, size, connectivity, minimum degree, maximum


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