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Thomas Adams Masters Project


Algorithms for Computing the Inverse of a Curl

Abstract: In order to transform data from a numerical simulation of binary black holes in which only the magnetic field B is computed, to another simulation in which only the vector potential A is computed, ∇ × A = B must

Jian Cheng Defense


Integer Flows and Circuit Covers of Signed Graphs

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Date: 7/7/2017
Time: 10:00AM-12:00PM
Place: 207 Armstrong Hall

All are welcome.

Shadisadat Ghaderi Defense


On the Matroid Intersection Conjecture

Abstract: In this dissertation, we investigate the Matroid Intersection Conjecture for pairs of matroids on the same ground set, proposed by Nash-Williams in 1990. Originally, the conjecture was stated for finitary matroids only,


Hung Tran


Some selection problems in the theory of viscosity solutions

Abstract:   I will explain some interesting selection problems in nonlinear PDEs. The basic question is about how to select one good solution out of many reasonable ones. A question of this type led to the

David Offner


Polychromatic Colorings on Hypercubes, Complete Graphs, and Integers

Abstract:  Given a set S, and a set T of subsets of S, a coloring of the elements of S is called T -polychromatic if every set in T contains an element of every color. Let polyT (S) be the largest n

Juan Pablo Mejia-Ramos


Developing valid and reliable measures to assess students' comprehension of the proofs that they read

Abstract:  In this talk I will focus on the assessment of undergraduate students' reading comprehension of mathematical proofs, discussing a research program aimed at


August 2017

Aug 2 2017 -
10:30am to 11:30am
Fatma Mohamed